Female genital mutilation

The movie Desert Flower, apart from the controversial topic of rural Islamic poor infesting civilized European cities, raises another issue of religious barbarism: female circumcision.

How to give up smoking

Smoking is death to finger tips. The same reason you can’t lose too much blood of fingertip injury – tiny blood vessels – lead to gangrene and fingertip amputation, if clogged by smoking. Quit smoking before you lose your fingers.

Born without arms

Some people are born without arms. Tha condition is known as reduction deformity. That means, for some people don’t have arms or legs by default. This is Jessica Cox. Her congenital anomaly is obvious: she never had arms.

How to treat scars

The amputation and following surgeries left some scars on my body. Injuries during our lives also leave a mark. Sometimes even a minor wound turns into in nasty scar for the rest of our days. Why do we get scars in the first place?