Female genital mutilation

The movie Desert Flower, apart from the controversial topic of rural Islamic poor infesting civilized European cities, raises another issue of religious barbarism: female circumcision.

As opposite to male circumcission, where something is cut to keep everything open, in female circumcision everything is cut off and stitched together to keep something closed. Most females suffer a lot of pain while urinating from a mutilated vagina. On prime night, the newly wed husband penetrates the cut bride. Needless to say, that causes even more pain.
Female castration emerged ages ago, but the only place where it is still in practice today is Africa. While every religion denies its ties to this barbarism, most cultures which treat anything as unclean, tend to require clean girls to be cut. Do the math.

The procedure is not reversible. Unlike male circumcision, castrated females have virtually zero chance to get default.