Britain’s first double hand surgery

I always admired this leadership thing. Almost every apparel company claims it’s the world’s leader. Banks say they are leaders in at least one area.
Turns out double hand surgery is no different.

Every country now seems to declare its first successful surgery. Having failed to perform the first double transplantation in the world, they now claim first transplantation in their countries. The US transplantation was received by Richard Edwards at The Jewish Hospital Hand Care Center (Kentucky) in 2010. This is where world’s first single hand transplant was performed in 1999. However, sources vary, and some claim the first US double hand transplant was performed in 2009 in Pittsburgh to Jeff Kepner, a year after France first double hand transplantation and 8 other similar surgeries in the world prior to that. Probably that’s why Kentucky introduced a new feature: sending out Twits during the course of the Kentucky’s first double hand transplantation. Yes, Twitter is now everywhere, surgery rooms included.
Richard Mangino was the third US patient to receive new hands. It was in 2011.

As for the Britain’s first double hand surgery, they haven’t even completed the new hospital dedicated to the procedure! But already claim Britain’s first double hand surgery…to take place in 2012.

Don’t know why I’m bitching about all this. The spread of the remarkable hand transplant technique is great!
More and more people will be able t get default, and that just great!