Born without arms

Some people are born without arms. Tha condition is known as reduction deformity. That means, for some people don’t have arms or legs by default.
Using computer with legs
This is Jessica Cox. Her congenital anomaly is obvious: she never had arms.

Reduction deformity driving a car
But that unfortunate condition failed to prevent her from going on with her life. As many others, she learned to use her legs instead of hands.
Apart from driving and using a PC, she swims without arms:
Swimming without arms
performs martial arts without arms:
Using nunchacks with legs
does all that girlie things with her legs:
Mascara with legs
Brushing hair with legs
and writes with her legs:
Writing with legs

Jessica Cox even managed to graduate literally not moving a finger:
Not stirring a finger in college

Most amazing yet, she learned to fly a plane with her legs only.
Flying without arms

This is yet another example of how incredibly adaptive our bodies are, with enough will applied. Be strong.