Baby finger regeneration

Children can regrow lost finger tips

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Many observations confirm children can regrow cut off finger tips. That’s not a rare miracle.

It’s a fact. Most children up to the age of 12 can regrow amputated digits. On one important condition.

The cut most not be covered with skin. Remember axolotl? It can regrow any lost limb. However, if the point of amputation is stitched together, the regeneration won’t happen and the limb will never regrow. Human kids are the same: they still have much regenerative ability enabled, however, is the cut must not be sealed with flaps of skin.
The problem is, stitching the wound together is the default practice for amputations! And this default practice leaves no chance for injured children to get default!

Correct treatment would be cleaning and bandaging the amputated finger tip, or, better yet, putting into into a special airtight vessel with saline solution, like this:

This technique provides astonishing results. The finger regrows back to normal, with form, skin and nail, if the matrix is still in place.

The finger belongs to a 8-year-old girl, showing complete regeneration of amputated finger tip. Finger print is missing, but in modern police states that may be an extra chance to get a little privacy from the Big Brother.

Such complete regeneration is normally available for children under 10 years old, however, sometimes older children also regrow lost fingers.

This 12-year-old boy completely regenerated amputated finger tip in just one month.

All of this was achieved by not following standard operating procedure, without any miracles involved.
This shows once again, that if we show more passion and knowledge for our health, we can really get default.