Can you cut and eat your own hands and other limbs to survive?

I came across Smosh by occasion only a few weeks ago. This comic duo is quite fresh and stand out against many amateur Youtube videos. Among the vast variety of Smosh video plots, one is particularly interesting.

This is a Smosh Short about a survivor on an island. The video’s called Stranded.

So the question is, can you feed off yourself?
The whole episode resembles a Stephen King’s short story Survivor Type. The story was written before Ian and Anthony were even conceived, so it’s hard to say if Stranded is a tribute, a rip-off or a mere coincidence.
In Survivor Type, a surgeon finds himself alone on a tiny island with very little supplies. Eventually, he resolves to amputate parts of his own body to fight starvation. He literally eats himself up in the end.
In the Notes section at the end of Skeleton Crew, the author admits researching self-eating prior to writing the story. His neighbour, a retired M.D., admitted that one actually could cannibalize himself to survive.
Well, we’re mammals anyway…