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Scars make a man handsome?

Some say scars only add to male attractiveness. We don’t get younger, and our skin and flesh accumulate defects over time. But do those add up to ultimate handsomeness?

Cinematization: an art of its own

Cinema means motion. In medicine, the process of cinematization is a surgery intended to allow motion to something overwise inert due to congenital or acquired reasons. This usually refers to children with inborn anomalies and injury victims.

Lab mice may enable regeneration in humans

Mice and rats are adorable pets. They are cute, intelligent, fun to watch, very interactive and extremely easy to care for. Mice also share a large portion of DNA with humans, making them perfect test subjects. And some times those tests lead to fantastic results.

Week Three: Rage

I’ve left the hospital and started to consult other doctors on possibilities to return my thumb to default. As I came to see yet another specialist, things started to get grim.