Scars make a man handsome?

Some say scars only add to male attractiveness.
Cool facial scar
We don’t get younger, and our skin and flesh accumulate defects over time. But do those add up to ultimate handsomeness?

When asked, most people will define manly as unshaved, weather-beaten face, bald or with a crew cut. Add a scar to it, and that is essentially brutal. This one, from Carmageddon, fits nice:
Carmageddon scar face
Missing hair or crew cut is also important. What initially was just a convenience – such hair is easier to care for, dries fast, doesn’t get lice, and could not be grabbed by an attacker – eventually got associated with short hair carriers. Who are in most cases from those bastions of manliness: prisons, military and sports. From this perspective, scars should indicate an intense manly life. So they are welcomed as a perfect addition and proof of concept, and long hair is gay.
However, there is a different approach, long term proved by cabaret performers. If you ever noticed, cabaret actresses often engage in a light form of cross-dressing, including male vests, shorts, bow-ties, canes and hats.
Lisa Minelli from Cabaret in vest and hat
Of course they are stripped or styled to be more revealing and appealing, but nevertheless, they are men clothes. And it’s not just one show, this is typical cabaret trend.
The reason beside this is simple: accentuation. Male clothes set of and intensify female traits. Like a perfect frame for feminine beauty. Moreover, the same actresses in female clothes seem less attractive!
So this accentuation feature is used by some men to intensify their handsomeness. That usually begins and ends with long hair. Such characters as The Highlander or Conan are the pillars of manliness. Many famous actors wore long hair at periods of their lives, like Sylvester Stallone or Steven Seagal, and didn’t lose any of the nongayness.
Yes, a feminine trait – long hair – accentuates the manliness.
Some go further and start polishing their nails and even toning facial skin. A new term has been coined for such a man, metro sexual.
When I first heard metrosexual, I thought it had something to do with sex in the subway at NY Metropolitan area. Like homopolitan, you know. It turned out this new lifestyle is gaining momentum, and with all that fashion industry big guns coming in, becomes more and more socially acceptable. That means, a toned, tidy, neat and smell-free male is not gay anymore. He is the man.
So, by the look of things, scars don’t mean cool or handsome anymore, and finally rest at what they really are: a monstrosity.