Finger amputee option: silicone prosthetic

The first and easiest option for anyone missing fingers is silicone prosthetic devices. They offer both high aesthetic and functional qualities.
Silicone finger prosthetic

Silicone is safe inert material, exceptionally easy to care – just wash in soapy water.
Silicone prosthetic fingers and fingertips are available as pre-made and tailored versions. Pre-made fingers vary in shapes and colours, and are rather cheap. Tailored versions offer perfect fit and exact color match.
Silicone finger
Silicone finger tip
Nail beds and nails are also reproduced. The artificial finger holds on by suction force, however, in complicated cases medical glue maybe used.
From the look of happy faces in catalogues, the product really change amputees’ lives. Well, it’s far easier to blend with the crowd wearing these, than sporting cut-off finger butts.

Enthusiasts even mod their prosthetic fingers by adding features, like USB thumb drives:
USB Thumb Prosthetic
USB Thumb
When I first saw these pictures, I was disgusted. There’s nothing funny or cool about loosing fingers.
On second thought, though, the idea seemed less revolting.
In essence, this is human body upgrade. Who knows, may be amputees are the natural pioneers for body augmentation?