Ultimate Circumcision: Castration

When some parents plan to circumcise their kids, someone should ask, why don’t you have a seat over there?

It turns out there is even more sickening child molestation, and that is castration.

I’m not talking about castration of sexual offenders and child molesters, which is probably a good thing, I’m talking about unvoluntary castration of kids.
Why parents would even want to do that?
Well, the most known case is the boy singers. Castrating talented boys before puberty so that their voice won’t break under the influence of hormones, was common place practice, especially in Europe. It was so popular, that music geniuses of the age even wrote parts specially for castrati.
Catholic church prohibited women from performing in cathedral choirs, and that’s why there was a constant demand for castrated singers with high-pitched voices. In the Christianity-obsessed Europe, castrating a child to perform in church choir was an honor for any family.
Other religious groups also practised ultimate circumcision. The most notable is Russian skoptsy. That is a sect, which adepts serve God by denying all loaves and fishes and avoiding sins, the primary of which is the Original one. They castrate themselves and their children to follow the lead. Not being able to procreate makes recruiting the only way to get more followers, which makes the sect probably extinct.

In modern world, castration is popular in human trafficking countries, like Nepal and India. Lots of boys there are lured to brothels, where they are castrated for the pleasure of the customers. Thailand and other Asian countries, offers a breeding service for wealthy clients. That means, high net-worth perverts order a personalised she-male. After the order is placed, a girl-looking boy is selected in a family. After that he is castrated and brought up as a girl. When the desired age is reached, this androgynous person is shipped to the customer. Parents can’t be not involved in this practice, and their motivation could only be guessed. Perhaps they just have way too many children, and are happy to sell at least some of them. In Asia and Africa, contraception is for pussies!

But don’t think that today kids castration happens only in the third world! If the US, for instance, some doctors prescribe drugs that stops producing hormones in children with gender identity issues! That is, if a boy shows some sings of wanting to be a girl, the physicians just postpone the puberty to give the kid more time to make his choice. That is essentially, a chemical castration.
That’s a most idiotic decision. Before puberty, boys and girls are physically almost the same. Go try distinguish a baby in diapers gender! They eat as much, sleep as much and cry as much. Parent’s actions are what makes them a baby boy or a baby girl, that is giving appropriate names, toys and clothes. Experimental androgynous kindergartens do exist, and the boys are almost indistinguishable from girls there.
That’s actually puberty, with that hormone explosion, that turns children into boys ad girls. And postponing that to fight gender identity issues is plain stupid. Puberty is almost certain to resolve those issues itself.

What effects does castration have on children? Negative, of course. They lose sexual drive, have serious temper problems (flashes and all that), suffer psychological disorders, don’t develop muscles, etc. The most dangerous is the bone density problem. Estrogen, produced from testosterone in males, prevents bones from growing longer. Who knows, perhaps those southern lustful shorties just have too much hormones? Or is it lack of plain lack of moral will training? Anyway, without hormones, the bones grow longer, that’s why many castrated are taller. At the same time, lack of hormones reduces bone density. That means, such person has longer and less denser bones, which are much more prone to fractures and other injuries.
All those medical consequences proved that the nature created the sexes for a reason, so don’t mess up with that. Of course, prosthesis are available, and we all know where people buy them, but those won’t get default functions back.