Arm amputee options: Go Go Legs

Human body is amazing. With enough will power and training, even double arm amputees can participate in activities like typing and drawing.
Using computer with legs

These fine toes belong to a teenage girl Elena from Kazakhstan. She is not an amputee, but her infantile cerebral paralysis renders her hands useless. She had a birth trauma, and then was shot with some compulsory vaccination that could not be used in children with birth trauma. That caused the disease.
However, Elena doesn’t give up. Since childhood, she learned to use her legs to substitute the “missing” arms.
Washing feet with toes
While other children learned to use their hands, Elena learned to use her legs. And she perfected that skill!

She has a job (yes, not all disabled people are social care burden), a family, does everything around the house, cares for her baby nephew and finds time for hobbies. Elena’s greatest passion is writing poetry and drawing. While composing poems is popular among people with infantile cerebral paralysis, drawing is less common.
Drawing with legs

The resulting painting is not some blurry daub that you would expect. No! That’s contemporary art.
Leg drawn painting
I mean, most healthy people can’t draw that by hand, let alone by leg.

Elena is cheerful and says she is rarely depressed. And she doesn’t complain about anything. That strikes even more than those cute drawings. With so many healthy people bitching about their lives and hovering in depressed mood, seeing a cripple who is creative and so full of life is a breath of fresh air.

Another breath is that Elena is not unique. There are dozens of videos online showing handicapped people from all over the world using their legs to play the piano, brush their hair and apply makeup, care for their children, drive cars and even fly airplanes!
That proves yet again, that you have to be strong to get default life pleasures back!