Medical History

Week Two: Will the nail regrow if you lost half of your finger tip

After the surgery, they moved me to a common hospital room. “Common” meant 8 other patients shared it. The patients were male, heavy snoring included.  Anyway, I was too exhausted to bother and felt asleep almost immediately, refusing painkillers and sedatives once again.
Separate room. Much more personal.
The next day my insurance company finally managed to get me a separate room my plan provided, and I moved in. Things started to settle.


Celebrities missing fingers: Boris Yeltsin

Quite a few well-known people miss fingers or finger tips. Let’s start with most powerful of them: Presidents.

Boris Yeltsin (1931-2007), the first president of Russian Federation (1991-1999).

Medical History

Week One: How I lost half of my thumb nail phalanx

It was in winter. I just came to a resort some 3 hours from the city. It was supposed to be a pleasure getaway.
The day before
Well, it turned out a nightmare.