Sedative drug causing no limbs at birth

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In the 1950’s, there was a drug called Thalidomide. It was prescribed as sedative for pregnant women having morning nausea. In the early 1960’s it became clear that the drug causes birth defects: babies were born without fingers, toes and sometimes entire hands and legs.

Women who took the drug on between 34-38 day if pregnancy gave birth to babies without ears, and those who got in on 38-47 day had children born without legs or hands.
It is very popular to blame the tragedy on prescriptions, doctors, pharmaceuticals and lack of testing. I.e., everyone and everything, except one’s own idiocy.
I mean, even if the drug was safe, isn’t it obvious that everything a mother takes during pregnancy affects the fetus? Women gave birth to children for millions of years, without any medical aid. Morning sickness? It’s only for a couple of weeks!
So many pregnant women are treating pregnancy as if it is happening to someone else. They are going shopping, flying airplanes and even go mountain skiing! Don’t they understand that a little push in a crowd or fall from a travalator, and the baby inside may die. Why can’t they wait? It’s only nine months! Shops and slopes are not going anywhere!
An injury during pregnancy may lead to a handicapped newborn, meaning no fun for the rest of time. Is not slowing down for nine months really that crucial?

Can’t stand pregnant morning headaches? Well, brace yourself, you’re going to have plenty of headaches for the next thirty years until your child finally marries and gets another person to worry.

By the way, Thalidomide is still used today to treat some forms of cancer and autoimmune diseases.