Amputation in fiction: The Final Diagnosis

Apart from convincing hospital insights, Arthur Hailey brings on the topic of amputation and relationship in his 1959 book, The Final Diagnosis.

Arthur Hailey is known for his accurate depiction of everyday life of an Airport workers. In the other bestselling book, he concentrated on the inner life of a hospital. Like todays immense popular shows like House M.D., Scrubs, ER and Grey’s Anatomy, the author also included some soap opera elements into the novel.
One particular character relationship involves amputation. A girl, who is working in the hospital, suffer from minor sport knee trauma. She hasn’t found time to get it checked in time, so the condition progressed and now complete above knee amputation is required.
She is in a relationship with another hospital employee. The guy has to decide whether he stays with her or not. After much emotional turmoil, he parts with her.

How would you react, if someone dear becomes a cripple? Would you sacrifice your life for caring about that person, or would you sacrifice that person and care about your life?