Playing music without fingers

Please welcome amputee musician.

Fyodor Shestiperov (b. 1953), a Russian accordion and guitar player, missing four fingers on his right hand.

Fyodor comes from a dynasty of self-taught musicians. His father and uncle also played the accordion. He learned by listening to the radio and trying to reproduce the tunes on the musical instrument. He was so successful, that at the age on 10 a whole brigade of 80 female haymakers invited him to their after hours gathering, where they sung to the accompaniment of his accordion.
Later on, Fyodor performed at all village weddings, festivals and other feast. He became the soul of the neighbourhood.
The disaster stoke while he was chipping wood for new bee hives at the local apiary, where he worked. A little negligence of safety, and 4 fingers on his dominant right hand are gone. He carefully put them into the palm and went to the hospital.
Unfortunately, the surgeons could not stitch the sawed-off fingers back to his palm. The villagers were very upset to have lost their favourite musician.

However, Fyodor took the accordion back into his arms as soon as the stumps formed. With only the thumb left on his right hand, he still plays quite good.
Local authorities still invite him to all local holiday performances, where he is always warmly welcomed by the audience.