How to cure diabetes

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Most people think diabetes is incurable. I’m fat, because I have diabetes. No, you’re not. You have diabetes, because you’re fat. And diabetes is curable.

Diabetes is not a disease, that’s why it is so hard to be cured. Diabetes mellitus is a disorder. And to cure a disorder, you have to put things back into order.
Two types of diabetes exist, type I and type II. Both are curable. More than 90% of diabetics are type 2, so let’s start with the second one.

The main symptom of diabetes type 2 is insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone, which allows the cell to accept glucose. Glucose is the main cell fuel. All body cells can accept glucose only if triggered by insulin. The only exception are brain cells: they eat glucose without insulin. Actually, that is the reason why insulin is needed at all: to make sure brain gets the glucose no matter what. In case of malnutrition or other emergencies, body ceases insulin production, and only brain cells get fuel.
With type 2 diabetes, the cells refuse to accept insulin. This insulin resistance ceases the absorption of glucose by cells, making it circulate in the blood stream. That’s why we monitor sugar in blood to diagnose diabetes. The excess of glucose is very dangerous, since the body overeacts to withdraw the excess glucose.
Why the cells suddenly become resistant to food? Well… have you ever seen a slim type 2 diabetic? They are all fat and full of food! And their cells are also full of glucose. The cells are so full of sugar, they cannot accept it anymore. In fact, that is more glucose resistance, not insulin resistance. Diabetes mellitus type 2 is called adult-onset diabetes for a reason: you really need to gorge up to your early thirties to get one.
So to treat type 2 diabetes? Well, that is a metabolism disorder. And the first treatment is diet and exercise.
In the last fifty years people all other the world started to consume up to 15 times more pure sugar and sugary products then ever before. The obesity rates sky-rocketed, as well as the amount of diabetic patients. Obesity causes diabetes. So stop eating sugar. Bear in mind, that anything that is not sweet to taste, is not necessarily sugar free. In McDonald’s menu, for instance, the only product that doesn’t contain sugar is coffee.
The other important thing is vigorous exercise. Glucose level in blood normalizes after the first 10-20 minutes of jogging. And that makes perfect sense: during workout, the stored glucose amount decreases, and the cells restock fresh glucose from the blood stream.
However, that only held on early stages of diabetes. Long time diabetics’ body is so beaten up by the condition, that amateurish workout may have serious consequences like trauma, coma or even death. So if you are a long-time record of diabetes, sick professional help. But not from physicians. You need a very experienced trainer and a doctor in sports medicine. In sports, insulin is used as doping. And that is exactly the reason why sports doctors are far more experienced on glucose blood levels and insulin acceptance and dosage during workouts, while ordinary physicians don’t. A skilled trainer is required to make sure the workouts are safe and effective. Both of them should also advise on specific diet.
The cure for diabetes type 2 may from several months up to several years of intensive, every day excercise and diet. The results are amazing: the weight, eyesight, blood pressure and even potency will be restored. Moreover, workouts stimulate capillary regrowth, meaning no more risk of diabetic foot.

Diabetes type 1 is a different story. That is a autoimmune destruction of cells in pancrea, which produce insulin. That means, the immune system false alarms on body own insulin-producing cells, and destroys all of them. Without insulin, cells cannot get glucose fuel, and the patient dies, unless regularly shot with insulin. Such people are insulin-dependant. This type is called juvenile diabetes, since first symptoms appear in children.
However, there is a cure for Diabetes mellitus type 1. It is called immune system reboot. Patients receive immune blockers, until all the immune cells gone wild are dead. After some time, preserved stem cells are inserted into the immune system, which develop into new immune cells, which are less likely to attack the insulin-producing ones. The success rate is very high, in most cases patients are no longer insulin-dependant. That means, they don’t have diabetes anymore. Those who fail and get back to insulin, now require much less dosage.

The ex-diabetics have to maintain good physic and diet to remain diabetes-free. Of course, they can eat a piece of cake once in a while, but the former fat and lazy way of life must be completely forgotten. And that’s worth it: don’t you feel how amazingly exiting it is to be cured from incurable disease?