Amputation of common sense

While doing some Internet searching inspired by latest Daily Show with Jon Stewart episode on sexism, the site popped out. Ironically, it’s founder was also interviewed by Jon Stewart only a couple of weeks ago. The site has a whole section on Women’s Rights Petitions, and the articles there are just insane.

For the starters, the whole idea of all people being equal is nonsense. People are not equal! Look around you, everyone is unique! The notion is mostly backed up by the reasoning, that God wanted us to be equal. Well it was his intention, he wouldn’t create different sexes, races, skin, hair, eyes colour, physique and intelligence, would he? Or she? And which God exactly?
Well, people at fight for the equality of rights. Fair enough. And the most serious threats to female rights are long-sleeved T-shirts.
you better comeback with a godamn sandwich
The T-Shirts carry humorous sayings like Allergic to Algebra and I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me, and they were available at JCPenny.
Believe it or not , but these shirts created a shitstorm of high-pitched hysteria among concerned mothers, soccer grandmothers and other females on the same intellectual development stage.

They claim these t-shirts create a sexist and alarmingly offensive image of pretty girls being stupid and not willing to do their homework. And this of course has long-going future consequences of leaving all intellectual achievements to boys, while concentrated on being pretty. As if any normal child would actually prefer algebra homework over something which is really fun, like music or videogames.
And they managed to ban the sales of the t-shirts!
That’s just a T-shirt! Having an inscription on it is just a form of spreading a message about yourself to the world. If you think your daughter is ugly and nerdy, just don’t buy her this particular shirt! It’s like a postcards: there are a lot of humorous teasing and a little bit offensive sayings on postcards, and if you don’t like it or find it humorous, you just buy another one. Same with the printed t-shirt: they are plenty to choose from! If you don’t like something, just don’t buy let alone wear it! Imagine you get a T-shirt saying I’m allergic to nuts. Does it somehow support the nation-wide growth of lesbian movement? No! Does it offend hypogeal people? No again!

The image and consequences thing is just hilarious. Back in the day, there were two main groups of teenage kids in the hood: metal heads and nigger heads. The first group listened to metal and hard rock music, the other one consisted of white kids listening to black rap music. Metal heads found that extremely unorthodox, and expressed themselves in offensive slogans loke Rap is shit on walls and T-shirts with a sharpie. Twenty years have passed since then, some of these kids succeed in life, others not, regardless of what their T-shirts were saying when they were teens.
Another interesting women’s rights petition at is asking the media to stop portraying popular girls as slim and cute. Allegedly, this leads to eating disorders in kids thinking they are fat. Well, if your daughter thinks she is fat, she as well might be fat! Concerned mothers want the magazines and movies to portray ordinary looking girls. Well, the purpose of arts and media is to inspire. Children books and movies are usually full of heroic pathos, with characters kids wish to become. They set an example of something ideal, and the readers aspire to change themselves for something better, to at least try to achieve this ideal image. On the contrary, if you put fat ugly kids all other the media, to see regular kids like the reader, the only thing you achieves is having real-life fat ugly kids feeling comfortable in their own swamp. Totally happy with being normal, having no desire to change themselves.
So how to to summarize the impression from women’s rights petitions?
Marasmus got harder.