Month Two: The Fingernail

Two months passed since the surgery, and there are some improvements.
nail regrow

See that little stub? That’s the finger nail! Every single doctor said they see no matrix remaining for the nail to regrow. But it did!

The skin has cleared itself, and no more blood and other body liquids emerge from the finger tip. The thumb is very weak and I still cover the tip with tape not to scare people off.
Nail regrow
You can see red markings from bandages. Also this comparative picture gives an impression of what is lost: see how much lower the joint is on the damaged thumb.

I’ve returned to my job. I fact, I have very acute sensation in the stitched thumb – I can’t tell what part of it is touched without looking at it. Left, right, bottom, up – it’s all the same. Guess my brain has to adapt to the new conditions.

Anyway, so glad the nail started to grow back. However, it seems like only the left portion is regrowing, which received no damage from the injury. The right, where the cut started, has no signs of a new nail, neither has it enough nailbed to accommodate it. We’ll see. Be strong.

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