Month Five: The Split Fingernail

It’s the fifth month after amputation.

The fingernail has passed the blood clot, and now is growing as a single piece again.

The nail is also very wavy and yellowish in color.
I’ve been trying to use it on the QWERTY keyboard of my new phone, but I can’t access the upper row keys since the damaged nail catches the upper lid.

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2 thoughts on “Month Five: The Split Fingernail”

  1. Wow, that’s fantastic!

    I was searching for more information about damaged nailmatrix, and I found this topic.
    I’m afraid I damaged the root of my thumb nail. I scratched the cuticle off my nail, I reached under the skin and I teared the beginning of my nail forward. Now I see the damaged skin under the nail, above the white moon.

    I hope my nail will grow back as your nail does.

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