Amputation in movies: House M.D.

So, House M.D. is officially over. I became a fan of the series in 2009, when House M.D. was at its peak.

Don’t get me wrong: every single episode in the series is interesting and fun to watch. But still, I’m glad the creators found the strength to stop the series at the right spot. The producers of Scrubs didn’t, and look what happened to the latest seasons.

[Sorry readers, the copyrasts removed my fair use House M.D. amputation compilation video.]

What drives specific attention to the series is the main hero…or better yet, anti-hero, Dr. Gregory House. He suffered a golf injury, which lead to leg muscle necrosis. House had the dead muscle removed, which prevented him from entering the amputee club. However, that surgery left him with a considerable amount of pain for the rest of his life. House uses vicodin, an addictive drug, to ease the pain, which allegedly affects his judgement and lead to brilliant medical theories.
The series also feature complete in-episode amputations.

The first one occurred as early as House M.D. Season Two third episode, Humpty Dumpty.
House insisted on having his patient’s hand amputated, which prevented the infection from spreading further and gave House assistant, Dr. Chase a clue what the cause of the disease was.

Another amputation is seen in House M.D. Season Six finale, episode twenty-one Help Me. This is mainly psychological speculations to have a leg amputated, because it is stuck in the debris of a shattered building.

Most of the scenes are emotionally intense and lead to unexpected outcome, as well as much of the other House M.D. series. Some of my friends have never seen House M.D. yet, and I kinda envy the pure enjoyment they still have ahead of them.