Celebrities missing fingers: Vince Vaughn

In our ongoing segment about celebrities missing finger, I introduce you Vince Vaughn (1970-) and what he calls – his penis thumb:

penis finger
Some say this joke shows he doesn’t care about his disability, but as a person with similar defect I can assure you – he does. And he wants to get default.
The reason that left him with a toenailed penis instead of thumb is quite common – he lost it in a car crash. That once again confirms that lost fingers and limbs is a frequent occurrence even in developed countries.

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  1. littlefinger

    Vince truly is an inspiration man! Did u you know that he was once slated to be the next hollywood hunk? While he didnt quite live upto the expectations, one thing’s for sure, that his fall from grace, certainly didn’t have anythin to do with his ‘penis’ thumb. I guess people dont pay as much attention to fingers and thumbs as we amputees belive that they do! I like Vince’s attitude towards his deformity. Similarly, we should all embrace life, and smile(maybe even joke) abt our shortcomings and make others smile. While on the topic, there are more inspirational celebs out there with similar shortcomings-

    1- Hrithik Roshan- This Indian actor’s got the face and physique of a greek-god. He also has two right thumbs!!! I suppose the gods just got jealous of his good looks(no homo) and decided to do somethin abt it πŸ˜‰

    2- Jake Owen- Jake Owen had the top of his right ring finger amputated after a freak go-kart accident. He was quite open abt his accident even posting some gruesome pics of his amputated finger online. Rather than being concerned abt how his finger might look he was more worried abt being able to lift his baby girl. Well turns out he can do that and also can still rock the guitar. At an event he met a fan who lost his ability to walk after an extreme sports accident. Later he said that since in comparison he had only lost a finger and still had 9 left. He posted-‘i’ll be fine”. πŸ™‚

    3- Mathew Perry- Remember the hilarious Chandler Bing from FRIENDS? Mathew Perry lost part of his middle finger during childhood when his grandma accidentally closed the car door on it. Well, he grew up to be an excellent actor and comedian and is forever immortalized as the Chandler Bing in the hearts of his fans…..and he got to romance Monica!!! Lucky bastard… lol

    4- Jerry Garcia-Grateful Dead front-man Jerry Garcia lost two-thirds of his right middle finger as a child, while steadying wood his father was chopping. (A similar scene was shown in The Royal Tenenbaums to explain Margot’s prosthetic finger.) Despite the accident, Garcia went on to play a mean guitar, and often showed off his missing finger in a sort of salute to fans. Today the Barley Mill Pub (a virtual museum of Dead memorabilia) in Portland, Oregon features an illustration of Garcia’s right hand, encouraging us all to keep on truckin’ regardless of life’s little wood-chopping accidents.

    5- Daryl Hannah-Actress DARYL HANNAH starred in Splash and Blade Runner while missing part of her left index finger. In a 2001 story in The Sunday Times of South Africa, Hannah explained: “I got my finger stuck in the pulley of a well at my grandmother’s house when I was three.” Good luck spotting the missing digit onscreen: it’s almost always hidden behind gloves, coats, guns, etc.

    6- Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath- One might almost think an altered hand is the key to guitar greatness: Black Sabbath’s TONY IOMMI joins Garcia and Reinhardt in the elite club of guitarists with finger problems. Before he was a heavy metal superstar, Iommi lost chunks of two fingers on his right hand in an industrial accident. He fashioned prosthetic tips and went on to be one of the most celebrated rock guitarists of the 1970s

  2. I actually covered Hannah and Perry among others. Click on the “celebrity” in the tags under the title to get all celebrity missing fingers posts

  3. Oh…u have indeed covered a lot of ’em. Some of them I did now abt while some were totally new to me. Looks like finger amputation is not that uncommon. πŸ™‚

  4. So what? Even without a finger he is a normal guy. offer a research project about Poeple with Disabilities. It’s a greta work. It says athat these people are absolutely normal. I ordered this work and got the best comments.

  5. I agree with you. I guess people dont pay as much attention to fingers and thumbs as we amputees belive that they do! I like Vince’s attitude towards his deformity.

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