Mice can regenerate upto 60% of their skin without scars

I’ve always said that mice and rats are every non-default person best friends.

Recently Nature published an article about a group of scientists, who study the regenerative abilities of African spiny mouse. Much like reptiles, this mouse can easily shed off up to 60 % of its skin, which will regenerate in a couple of days without forming scar tissue. This is a full regeneration of skin texture, hair follicles, vessels, pores… the drean of every seriously wounded person. And no scars. The mice do it to escape when caught and save their lives, much like degu loose the brush at the end of their tails to escape predators. However, in degus the brush almost never grows back.
I’ve seen lots of this studies why researching my own problem and material fro this site. Studies are good, but personally I’m more than ready for results. I want my body parts regenerated back to get default. And I have plenty of scar tissue that I will have no regrets getting rid of. C’mon science. make us default again!