Amputation in movies: Phantom Pain

Phantom Pain is a 2009 German movie, starring Til Schweiger.

European movies seem to be more deep and twisted compared to their Hollywood counterparts, even American remakes of the same European titles are usually dumber.
One of the most famous contemporary Euro actor is Til Schweiger.
Schweiger’s best film is probably of his early works, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, about two guys with incurable diseases.
Curiously, Phantom Pain is also about incurable state, which is below knee amputation. The movie gives much detail to emotional state of people going through limbs loss.
Personally, I was wondering where did Mark get such a great friend Alex to give him shelter, a car and a very expensive high-tech prosthesis?

Whatever futuristic it may look, such artificial limbs are starting to be available in real life.