Top Movie Hand Prosthesis

Artificial arms in movies are quite rare, and are mostly reserved to pirate-themed films. Nevertheless, such pictures do exist.

One of earliest appearance of a prosthetic hand is, probably, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.
Dr. Strangelove’s artificial limb seems to have a mind of its own, and often embarrasses the owner by soaring up in the air in an obvious zig heile movement. This behaviour is a subtle clue to Strangelove’s eugenistic views and background. In general, the movie is a hilarious black comedy, a sum up of cold war fears and attitudes. A must see.

One of the most known movie hand prosthesis is definitely Darth Vader’s mechanical arm. Well, that and the Luke I’m your father limb-cutting part.
In other episodes it is revealed that flesh is vital to operate the Force, and missing both hands obviously makes it difficult for Anakin to do that. Anyway, Star Wars episodes are all out now and could be watched in correct order in a matter of one weekend, so go for it.

The most stupid use of artificial arms in movies could be Final Destination 2.
Like in most installments in the franchise, prosthesis play a very unusual and unpredictable role in a rather elaborate kill of one of the victims. And for that reason they could be replaced with virtually anything else. Medical equipment in an apartment house elevator looks really, really out of place. On the whole, Final Destination 2 is a perfect sequel, I even like it more than the first movie because it is more dynamic and the heroine is angelic pretty.