Shootings victims amputations

I started investigating into the recent 2012 Aurora movie theater and Rucker Park shootings, if there are any victims who got amputated limbs because of that mishap. If there were, it is interesting how their health would be restored? Given the media hype and political campaigns money being pumped in, will the amputees get default?

Unfortunately, no information on types of injuries is available. However, there’s much other BS rotating around these tragic events, and I just have to speak out somewhere.
First issue, gun control. What concerned mothers – and their majority votes will drown the gun carrying freedom if a referendum will ever be taken on the issue, since they seem to have a lot of free time to support such petitions. Anyway, what concerned mothers fail to understand is that banning guns will rise the amount of deaths by guns, not lower it. I live in a place where the only gun you can legally own is a meter-long hunting shotgun. You can’t carry it around, and the only place when you are free to use it is hunting ground during the season or shooting range. And yes, you can protect your home with that. However, the level of gun violence is sky high: criminals won’t do anything with a legal gun, cause it is traceable. They obtain an illegal gun, law permits it or not, since they are outlaws! And the citizens are stripped of the ability with armed resistance, so the criminal just shoot them like prey in the hunting ground. And by the way, the most used weapon on household violence in my place is a kitchen knife. Do we have to ban them?
If you don’t believe me, just check violence statistics for USA by state. States permitting handgun carrying, have much less gun violence victims than those forbidding it. What is even more interesting, those states that once permitted handguns, but then banned them, faced an immediate rise in gun-related violence.
That’s why there should be no discussion on gun issue, or soccer moms will push through their ideas to ban everything.
Another issue which pisses me off even more, is the re-editing of some future movies. I just can’t stand that. It feels like rewriting history just because of hurt feelings.
After the 9/11, Rockstar chose to change quite a few things in the GTA3 game, remove a few missions and postpone its release. Being a revolutionary video game, it developed a cult following. Fans are dying to see how the game would look like without the editing, but even now, ten years later, it is not happening.
They also edited out the Twin towers from the Spiderman movie.
And now they are doing the same thing to the Gangster squad movie. They cut out the cinema shooting scene! That is ridiculous! You can’t protect everybody’s feelings but cutting out everything that may hurt people feelings or bring back grim memories! Or may not!
That’s completely useless and idiotic!
Maybe, Hollywood should edit in more scenes reminding Americans of unpleasant events to their productions. Maybe that’ll help them to stop being such pussies.

PS: How the shooter was able to re-enter the movie theater through the fire exit door? Properly designed fire exit doors are cannot be opened from the outside. Even if he blocked it when leaving the cinema, fire doors should be under alarm, and the security guards had plenty of time to get to the fire exit, while the shooter was dressing up for the massacre. Total negligence of customers safety on the multiplex management part.