Regeneration: A day of the tentacle

Quite a few sea creatures are able to regenerate.

This time, hentai lovers may rejoice: the secret of eternal life is buried in the tentacles!
Those tentacles belong to Turritopsis Nutricula, which literally translates as immortal jellyfish. The protein in the tentacles allows the jellyfish to regenerate and renew itself when it gets older, and even more, rise from the dead when it… well… dies.
The best part is that human genome has the gene that produces rejuvenating protein, but it is disabled. Shin Kubota from Tokio University and his team struggles to re-enable the gene, so that human bodies could last much, much longer if not forever. The scientist expects first results in 10 to 20 years. Who knows, may be amputees would be able to finally get default.