By default, a human being has two legs, two arms, ten fingers and ten toes.
This is a blog for people who are not default anymore.

Welcome to GetDefault, a dedicated space crafted to provide invaluable resources and insights for individuals who have experienced limb loss. Here, you’ll find a diverse range of content tailored to inspire, inform, and uplift those navigating life with lost limbs or fingers. From stories of resilience and camaraderie to practical guidance on prosthetic options, from reviews of movies and fiction featuring characters with limb differences to the latest scientific breakthroughs, our platform is designed to meet the varied needs and interests of our community.

If you’re seeking encouragement and solidarity, you’ve come to the right place. Our articles offer a beacon of hope and support, sharing personal experiences and offering guidance for those on a journey of adaptation and recovery.

For those exploring options for prosthetic limbs or adaptive devices, our platform provides comprehensive information and resources. Discover the latest advancements in prosthetic technology, learn about different types of prosthetics, and gain insights into the process of customization and fitting.

Entertainment enthusiasts will find a unique perspective in our movie and fiction reviews, which delve into the portrayal of characters with limb differences. Explore how these stories reflect themes of resilience, identity, and inclusion, and find inspiration in the diverse representations of limb loss in popular culture.

Beyond fiction, we celebrate the achievements of real-life heroes and role models who have thrived despite limb loss. From athletes breaking records to artists showcasing their talents, we spotlight individuals who defy limitations and inspire us with their courage and determination.

And our commitment doesn’t end there. We’re dedicated to sharing the latest advancements in prosthetics and rehabilitation, exploring alternative therapies, and providing a platform for our community to connect, share stories, and find support.

So, whether you’re newly adjusting to life with limb loss or have been on this journey for years, we invite you to explore our platform and discover a wealth of resources, inspiration, and community. Together, we’ll navigate the challenges and triumphs of life with resilience, empathy, and unwavering determination.

Together, we can Get Default.

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