Month One: The thumb is still heavily swollen

A month has passed since the injury and the surgery.
X-ray 1 month after amputation
The traumatologist described the new X-ray as consolidated fracture in satisfactory condition.

The amputated finger tip is still heavily swollen with skin peeling off.
It is still hard to say tell the exact amount of loss, but from the optimistic X-ray, chances are good to regain as much as possible.
1 month after finger tip amputation
Meanwhile, the damaged finger is giving a lot of trouble. First, I can’t grab anything with my left hand, as the thumb is the most important part of a human hand. With all the scar tissue and bruising and stitch holes, the subtle, but annoying pain is always with me, especially when the arm is relaxed down. My body developed its own unique position for sleeping, which places the injured hand at the topmost point, so that blood could drain from it to reduce pain.
The joyful thing is that now I can finally wash my thumb. For a month, I was packaging it into plastic bags to take a shower. Believe me, it is extremely uncomfortable to clean or dress yourself with only one hand.
So the first thing I did when I got home, was a long warm bath. Some of the dried skin came off by itself, but the scar tissue is just too senstive to peel the rest of the mess. Don’t know how long will it take to reduce the acute sensitivity.
Talking about sensitivity, it is tremendous. Actually, I cannot tell which side of the thumb is touched without looking at it: it’s just the whole thing hurting. Besides, during the surgery the skin from the left side was flapped over the missing part on the right. So I guess now my brain will have to adapt and interpret the new signals correctly.
Don’t know how long will it take. Be strong.

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