Amputation in movies: Millennium (1989)

A nice late 1980’s movie on time travel, featuring a cripple.
Amputation leg cripple from Millennium 1989
This guy in wheelchair doesn’t seem to have any legs.

The 2000’s have seen a revolution in movie making. The actors are shot against a green screen now, with everything else – foreground, background, objects, etc – added afterwards. See for yourself.

This is certainly cool for action movies with lots of CGI, but for plain soap operas? Don’t you think the moviemakers are a bit overusing it?
No wonder I tend to watch older, pre-1990’s movies lately. Most of them have been released in crisp HD and really are an eye candy in disguise. Those movies still had some real craft in them, with all effects having to be done optically with the use of props.
I just finished watching a 1989 film, Millenium. The plot is somewhat messy and the ending is really over the top, but one thing really caught my eyes. That guy in the wheelchair.
Part of the movie takes place a thousand years in the future, where people learned to recreate bodies and to time travel. However, they somehow failed to get that poor man out of his wheelchair. He is obviously missing legs. Why didn’t they recreate them?
Looks like the future is not too kind to cripples either.

Anyway, it’s a decent movie with some hilarious humour too. Watch it if you happen to have a chance.