Marry an amputee

While browsing online for some amputation stuff, I came across a peculiar advertisement. Female amputees, in this case from Eastern Europe, were offered to become wives of European men, in this case from Germany. It was particularly stressed, that the grooms were healthy and wealthy.

Assuming this is not scam, and the poor girls won’t end up as sex slaves in brothels for perverts in the middle on nowhere, this offer still leaves a polarized feeling.
From one point, it is great that someones perverted sexuality will make a handicaped person life brighter. In both partners accept something and take pleasure from that, that’s not a perversion anymore.
On the other hand, voting for an amputee bride is not the same as willing to marry only a person of the same race or declining to marry a person of the same sex, which is perfectly normal, whatever we are forced to believe. But narrowing selection of lifelong partner to amputee-only is just like declaring to marry only a cup H or a blonde, regardless of the person’s soul and personality. That leaves a bit sickening feeling of livestock being traded, not affection created.