Amputation in movies: I, Robot

While Bicentennial Man (1999) is a great movie of its own and one of the most precise book-based picture Hollywood ever produced, another Asimov’s plot, I, Robot, is one big sci-fi failure.

But we’re here to talk amputation, not arts.
One of the plot twists is that Del Spooner, the protagonist fighting robots throughout the movie, has a robotic arm, which makes him a robot himself. Actually, that is the development of Bicentennial Man mindfuck on how many mechanical parts can you have to still be considered human, and what makes a human a man in the first place.
According to the movie, Spooner had a car accident, with lots of additional robot drama. That’s how he lost his arm and got a robotic one!
And what an arm it is! Powerful, durable, and easy to maintain!
Apart from the prosthetic, the movie is quite boring, mainly because Will Smith is a shitty actor.