London Olympics

I don’t give a damn about sports. Watching other people jump and run is an unbelievably stupid past time, to my standards.
Anyway, I try to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games because of the show. And this year, London produced a hell of a show. Literally. It was hell.

The paraolympians were good, especially those wheel-chaired and artificial-limbed torch carriers. But the fat guy proposing to his even fatter fiancé were not. They were disgusting. I understand they tried to show the unity and everyday people taking interest in sport at least once in four years, but those two fat love birds are as far away from exercise as you can imagine.
There many more moments that were supposed to show unity and be cute, but they were not.
The interracial happily living couple? That’s a mockery and public opinion manipulation attempt. As well as their diverse children.
The excessive use of kids was just over the top. Kids are onboarded for their unprofessionalism which is supposed to be cute, but it not. They annoy you at best, if not enrage. The only kids who you find cute are your own ones, even when they shit all over the place.
Apart from the children, the use of the elderly was also annoyingly disgusting. Mohammad Ali, clearly not understanding where he is and what is he supposed to do, was the catharsis. It is just not right.
As well as many other things that were not, right from the beginning of the ceremony. Having millions of people all over the world look while you actually change decorations for twenty minutes? The emphasized use of volunteers? Volunteers and kids are great cost-saving options!
Well, they gjt what they wanted. The ceremony looked like a very amateurish showing off Britain’s achievements and celebrities, without any connection whatsoever. A giant mess involving hospital beds, giant blow-up dolls, meaningless symbols like those cycle doves, and visual effects. It was more like a giant kindergarten Christmas party or a drugged night club show, but definitely not a sporting event opening ceremony.
I purposefully do not compare this to that famous previous ceremony: the Brits dug the grave themselves, without other nations help.
The only symbol that somehow redeemed this carnaval mess was the olympic fire, composed of each nation-participant torches. That was really symbolic and novel, since the cauldron is always far above the stadium, and not directly in the center of the arena.
The cauldron was great, but everything else was a disgrace.