Hymen the world: Hymen reconstruction surgery

In this SOPA and Internet censorship time, I would like to talk about other lips that could be easily sealed nowadays.
Hymen restoration
The procedure is called hymenoplasty, or hymen reconstruction surgery.

The natural customers for such procedures are obviously rape victims. The psychological and body trauma are closely related, and restoring virginity may be a vital step to recovery.
To get default virginity back, the surgeon just stitches the perforated hymen back. It’s all about time. The surgery must be taken as soon as possible, as human flesh cicatrices very quick and loses ability to grow back together. If done correctly, the success rate is very high, and the restored hymen is as good as new.

Another procedure is a full-scale microsurgery involving separation of a flap together with blood vessels. This rehabilitation period last several months. During this period intercourse is out of the question.

The most popular surgery is a purely cosmetic one. The sides are just temporary sewn together, and a capsule with artificial blood is inserted, which breaks during penetration. While some women do it to refresh their husband feelings and memories of their prime night, most treat it as part of bridal preparation. This is especially true in orthodox, usually very religious, families. They do it to avoid shame. The dualism of God in all its glory: that’s okay to cut what naturally should be kept intact, and it’s highly advisable to seal back what naturally would be perforated anyway. Some women go even further, and undergo hymen restoration before each of their following marriages! In this case, it is recommended to install a zipper lock. Allows multiple resealings and saves the effort!
Hymen restoration

I only wish amputees could get their default limbs back as easy as some restore their virginity.