4 comments on “Celebrities missing fingers: Daryl Hannah

  1. Hey Daryl Hannah is one of the most beautiful women in the whole world. If you don’t have anything good to post on your shitty site, so close this shit the internet world will be thankful! Go DELETE all this bullshit about her if you don’t want the things to get worse! Thanks!

  2. Why the actresses in movies with Michael Douglas are always so damn ugly?
    Kathleen Turner (Romancing the Stone) was ugly; Daryl Hannah (Wall Street) is horse-faced while she is supposed to be the desirable trophy-wife in the movie; Demi Moore (Disclosure) is a brick-faced male in the movie; and the ugliest of all is the horrid-looking Osventsim tenant Glenn Closer (Fatal Attraction), who is supposed to be passion-igniting character, you can only vomit to.
    With the only exception of classy pedigree Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct), most of his female co-stars are ugly horses portraying desirable women.
    How could that happen? Was the “actor and producer” Douglas’ cut so big they had to employ actresses at a discount? Who could even think of casting such ugly faces?
    Catherina Zeta Jones is an average woman, you meet dozens same looking women in Europe.
    Sarah Jessica Parker is a ogre.
    I mean, with such ugly looks, how did they even get cast? They couldn’t seduce the producers with some behind-the-scenes “coverage”, since there are dozens fresh pneumatic girls eager to do everything to make it big on the screen at any casting. So, how? Did they bribe the producers? Or kidnapped their kids and threaten their lives if they were not cast?

  3. Man stop calling people ugly and go do something better with your life. It just make you look like a fool. Someone who writes a post called celebrities missing fingers doesn’t deserve even to get read. Do you think that showing her finger you will make she looks ugly? You have failed! If you want to show us something really ugly post a picture of your face baby.

  4. I am not an actress, I don’t use my looks in my work that’s why my beauty is neglectful as it doesn’t affect the deliverable. While Ms. Hannah is an professional actress, and a very shitty one in terms of acting, that means at least her looks are important. Since she can’t act, she works using her face, which is ugly. She ruins a movie.

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