Arm Amputee Options: I can see dead people

This guy is world’s first one to receive double arm transplants.
Karl Merk both arms transplantation
Karl Merk, sporting both his new arms.

Karl, a farmer from Germany, got both his arms torn off by a harvester in 2002.
Arms sawed off by harvesting combine
However, in 2008 he got lucky to get new arms from a car accident victim.
This is the world’s first successful double arm transplantation.
Karl Merk new arm transplants
You can see that the skin colours don’t match and there are some gross overlapping scars. The doctor’s say it will take about 2 years to fully restore arms functionality. And Karl will probably have to fight rejection to the end of his days.
Nevertheless, such successful surgery is an amazing opportunity for amputees to get default functions back.

Karl Merk is lucky at someone else’s expense, namely that poor guy who died in a road crash. The body would be wasted anyway. However, better results could be achieved if new hands are regrown from Karl Merk’s own DNA. That would be his own hands by all means: color, shape, etc. Beside perfect aesthetics, that would ensure zero rejection probability.