With the first scratch anything is not new anymore

Whenever I buy anything, I try to protect its surface as long as possible. I buy screen shields, keyboard covers and silicone for my gadgets. I walk around new furniture and home appliances very carefully and use them only by handle.
Because for me, even a minor surface damage moves anything from brand new to not new anymore.

It is always so disappointing to find a scratch on your phone, or ring, or any other daily use things. Every day carry things are supposed to lose shiny looks very soon, but I just can’t fight it. Those scratches can even spoil my mood for a day or more.
This is stupid. I tried to fight this misery buy buying used things. Used means not new, right? It somewhat helped, but I still choose the best looking used thing. New scratches on used things are also disappointing, but that is somewhat outweighed by the amount of saved money compared to buying new stuff.
Same is with my body. Every time I get a cut or scratch, the only thing I wonder is: will it leave a mark? There is a theory, that vertical cut leave scars, and vertical don’t. Well, I have scars running to all sides. If the cut is severe enough to damage lower skin layers, it will leave a scar whatever the direction was. That’s the way our bodies become used, in most cases without option to get default.

On the contrary, some people just hate new things. I’m a Californication series fan, and I just could watch how Hank Moody smashed the headlight of a brand new Porsche 911 to make it look like the old one he used to drive. A colleague of mine says he hates all those phone skin and covers, and produces an all elements washed first generation Iphone to prove that. He says people put on silicone covers so that later on, they could sell their still new looking used phones for a greater price. Obviously, to guys like me. And yes, when I buy second hand gadgets, I also try to protect their looks and sell them off later on.
He despises that. He likes to use things, and prefers them look used. He also wears the same pair of jeans for several years, and still likes them, especially the added ventilation from numerous holes.
Personally, I find that freaky. It looks like some fetish, for used things. Expecting stuff to be new as long as possible is commonly accepted, while preferring used looks is somewhat strange.
I guess both types are freaks.