Ultimate contraception: Young girl breasts amputation

Apart from female circumcision, young girls suffer another mutilation: breast ironing.

The procedure includes stick beating up 10-12 y.o. daughters breasts and burning them with heated stones. And the poor child is tortured by her own mother.

Breast ironing is practices by at least two hundred tribes in Cameroon. Unlike genital mutilation, this time the reasoning is purely practical. The savages believe that female breasts generate too much sex appeal, and the tribal men just cannot hold themselves and would sure rape the young girls. Thus, removing the breasts mitigates a girl’s sexual attraction, and reduces the risk of teenage sex and early pregnancies. Contraception, South Africa style.

So the mothers are actually doing their daughter a favour, by eliminating the rape risk.
In general, the idea of reducing the number of pregnancies sounds good. Africa’s population is dying of starvation daily, yet they somehow manage to be the world’s leader of reproducing hungry mouths. Africa’s total fertility rate is about 7, while in developed countries it is around 2. So Africa’s produces 3 times more kids! Perhaps, the UN and other organisations should stop pampering African countries with free food and start a Global Contraception Fund or something like that. The continent could provide food for all the people itself, if the population is reduced by two-thirds.
But on the other hand, look at this happy woman showing off the tools she amputated her 10-year-old daughter with:

Isn’t she just asking for it to take that stick and hit her stupid face again and again, until all the idiotic sadistic ideas burst away?
Who can be so furiously attracted by dirty and smelly desert girls anyway? But if the males over there are so macho they just can’t control themselves, may be they should undergo some sexual volition improvement procedure, not the poor girls?