Enlarge your phinis!

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Foreskin amputees, rejoice: there’s a good chance you can get your tip back.Well, sort of.
Enlarge your penis
First step to do that is attach some weight to what’s left of your privates.

Well, seriously. The key to restore foreskin is to regrow tissue by tension. We all know that breasts tend to sag over prolong application of gravity. Heavy rings also cause ear lobes, lips and other pierced bodyparts to grow more flesh.
Gravity rules
The easiest way to apply tension is to pull it by hand. Grab what is left of the foreskin and pull it to the glans. Repeat 3 times a day for 15 minutes.
The next level is the use of T-Taping. Medical tape is shaped in T’s, and then attached to the pulled over foreskin to hold it in place.
Others use O-rings to hold the skin in place.
More advanced restorators attach special dumb bells to exploit the same force that sags breasts.
Other devices have special holding slots that eliminate the need for taping They also allow to adjust the tension.
If you plan to try out any of the techniques, please be careful. Any great pain or discomfort means your pace is too fast. The tissue regrows very slowly, it takes years to restore what was cut in a blaze. But it regrows!
However, the restored look won’t be as good as it was before circumcision, so be prepared for that.
For those who value aesthetics above all, there is a surgical option. A plastic surgeon will stitch the scrotum tissue over the penis for a while, then after enough skin is regrown, it will be separated and shaped as a new foreskin. The results promise to be great, however, the procedure is costly and there is always a risk of complications.
Amputees have to be strong to get default apperance back. Imagine how much pain, effort and money could be saved, if only people didn’t harm their loved ones.