Amputation in video games: Mortal Kombat

With the MK franchise reaching its anniversary 10th installment any time soon, the traumatic nature of this bloody fighting video game definitely puts it in line with this blog’s theme.

While the game is fully dedicated to amputation, decapitation, ripping spine cords and gory things like that, one character stands out of the vicious crowd.

Meet Jax, a black man with both his hands replaced with high-tech prosthesis. The hands are a work of art. Aesthetically, they look like really pumped up bodybuilder’s arms, and they got perfect usability by allowing to get default hand action back.
Jax character appeared in middle 1990’s, and funny enough, the other fictional character with robotic arm played by Will Smith look very much the same. On the contrary, real hi-tech prosthetic arms doesn’t look that sexy.