Amputation in movies: The Four Rooms (1995)

Quentin Tarantino is one of my favourite directors.
He uses so much all-american imagery in his movies and twists it in his very own, unmistakable fashion. Zippo, an American icon, is a full-time actor in most Tarantino films, with The Four Rooms being the zenith of the lighter’s stardom.

In the final episode the characters have a bet: Norman says that he can lit up his Zippo ten times in a row, and if he fails, the bellhop Ted will cut Norman’s pinky off. That should be a problem, since Chester claims to know a surgeon who will sew the finger back in no time. After all the arrangements and persuasion, the challenge is finally on.
The Zippo fails the very first time, Ted cuts off the finger and leaves off with the money for his services.
[Sorry readers, the copyrasts removed my fair use Four Rooms amputation clip.]
In the background, poor sportsman’s friends frantically arrange the hospital for him.
The story may sound odd and stupid, but Tarantino magic turns into a visual masterpiece. The other three episodes are also hilarious, so watch the movie if you have a chance.