Amputation in disguise: Diabetes

Another condition may result in amputation. It is called diabetic foot, and as the name suggests, diabetes is the cause.

Poor blood circulation and nerve damage, which are common diabetes complications, prevent sores at the distant parts of the patients body to heal properly. The most far away destinations are feet, and this is where most severe troubles may originate.
Carelessly removed calluses, sharp toenail edges, tight shoes and even wet socks may cause damage to the foot skin. As this area doesn’t receive good blood circulation, minor lesions develop into ulcers. Some of them may even damage bones, and such severe complications require harsh measures including toe, foot and leg amputation.
So if you have diabetes, do not let that happen. Mind your diet, inspect your feet regularly, keep it clean and healthy, don’t go barefoot, quit smoking and immediately seek medical help in case of any injury. Be strong.