Chinese foot

Chinese foot is another mutilation made to little girls, but opposed to other barbaric children abuse, this one declining every year.

Marry an amputee

While browsing online for some amputation stuff, I came across a peculiar advertisement. Female amputees, in this case from Eastern Europe, were offered to become wives of European men, in this case from Germany. It was particularly stressed, that the grooms were healthy and wealthy.

London Olympics

I don’t give a damn about sports. Watching other people jump and run is an unbelievably stupid past time, to my standards. Anyway, I try to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games because of the show. And this year, London produced a hell of a show. Literally. It was hell.

Shootings victims amputations

I started investigating into the recent 2012 Aurora movie theater and Rucker Park shootings, if there are any victims who got amputated limbs because of that mishap. If there were, it is interesting how their health would be restored? Given the media hype and political campaigns money being pumped in, will the amputees get default?

Amputation of common sense

While doing some Internet searching inspired by latest Daily Show with Jon Stewart episode on sexism, the site popped out. Ironically, it’s founder was also interviewed by Jon Stewart only a couple of weeks ago. The site has a whole section on Women’s Rights Petitions, and the articles there are just insane.

Run, Terry, Run

Sometimes amputees do what many healthy people don’t. Terrance Stanley Fox (1958–1981), a Canadian right leg amputee, ran a 143 day marathon of 5373 km to raise worldwide awareness of cancer.